double torsion springs


Wire Diameter Range
Generally .008” to .207”. Call for other sizes.

End Styles
Many styles and shapes for various applications as indicated by the product designer. These include plain (straight), bend over center and bend straight parallel to spring axis.

Helix Direction
One side left hand helix, one side right hand.


Technical Information

Double torsion springs are used in applications that call for two torsion springs, identical in design, but wound in opposite directions. In these cases and in consideration of function, performance or assembly, it sometimes is preferable to incorporate the two springs into one by a center section of wire which is typically U-shaped or square in design. A double torsion spring will deliver double the load or torque of a single spring. For example, a double torsion with 5 coils per side has twice the torque of a single torsion spring with 5 total coils assuming the wire diameter and other dimensions are constant.


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