torsion springs


Wire Diameter Range
Generally .008” to .375”. Call for other sizes. We specialize in heavy wire, tight index torsion springs.

End Styles
Many styles and shapes for various applications as indicated by the product designer. These include plain (straight), bend over center and bend straight parallel to spring axis. In some cases such as garage door torsion springs inserts are threaded into a close wound spring end. The insert becomes the torsion leg or tail.

Helix Direction
Helix direction is critical for torsion springs and must be specified left hand or right hand. (Please see FAQs/Technical Info page).

Technical Information

Torsion springs are designed to apply a load as the spring is deflected in a rotational direction, usually around a shaft. This load is referred to as torque. Familiar applications of torsion springs are seen in clipboards and other types of clamps. Spring loaded hinges are another example of a torsion spring application. Plain end torsion springs are relatively easy to dimension and manufacture. Torsion ends should be designed with as few bends as possible in order to minimize manufacturing cost.



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