About Imperial Spring

The most common torsion or double torsion spring application is the spring-loaded clip of a clipboard.  A torsion or double torsion spring provides a rotational force around an axis.  Imperial Spring Manufacturing is the expert at producing these type of springs, and has been manufacturing medium and heavy wire torsion and double torsion springs for over 60 years.  Our staff and engineering consultants have over 150 years of spring experience.

Our custom built CNC Whisper Winder torsion machine is designed specifically to coil heavy wire on a tight spring index (up to 5/16" wire on a 3.0 index) and hold remarkably close end-coil angular tolerances.

Our products are recommended for use in valves, horse trailers, van trailers, truck accessories such as mounting springs for truck bodies, truck and trailer covering and tarping systems, infrastructure such as electrical transmission systems and tower equipment for television broadcasting.  Other recommended applications include ground radar detection equipment, commercial lawn and garden equipment, agricultural machines and equipment.We offer custom springs (to your print or samples) in a variety of spring materials.  This includes stainless steel (17-7, T302, T316), Hastolloy C276, Music Wire, Ni-Span C902, Phosphorous Bronze and others.  If you need assistance improving the spring performance of your current design we can help.

We use the best spring wire material available in our double torsion and torsion springs, as well as other products. All material is certified to ASTM and/or other appropriate specifications. Any plating or finishing is sub-contracted to vendors from our approved list to ensure quality and adherence to you print specifications..

Whatever your application, business or product, send us your print or specifications for pricing and feasibility.

  Fully managed from initial contract review, to product shipment by our experienced staff.
  Our work stands the test of time.
  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work.